Exploring Luxurious Homes : Exquisite WC Room Design

The luxury interior features a high grade natural stone flooring in White Calacatta, Azul Blue and Yellow Sienna marble artistically crafted in impressive flower pattern highlighted by a skylight at the ceiling. Its wall interior design is looking opulent in brass frame molding with sophisticated black and white portrait and elegant decorative patterns. Furnished with […]

Cozy Contemporary Living Room

Design for comfort and relaxation, this contemporary living room concept for a private villa in Dubai is creatively layout in symmetrical manner to form a unified space, a remarkable characteristic of this interior. It serves as an everyday reminder of how essential unity and togetherness is to every family.  It has a vibrant and welcoming […]

Thriving Legacy Through Luxurious Moroccan Majlis Interior Design

Inspired by rich arabesque heritage, the striking interior is designed with walls in partly texture paint of subdue color and the other portion along with the floor border in artistically handcrafted zellige tiles of dynamic color as the foreground. It features an attractive Arabic wooden ceiling with impressive geometrical border in pistachio green paint combined […]

Amazing Luxury Indoor Pool

Adjacent to the dining room is an area transformed into divine oasis of comfort and refreshment. The space showcase a luxury indoor swimming pool in glass mosaic where family and friends can enjoy and relax privately, at any weather or season. Surrounded by rows of lofty windows furnished in fine drapes, accompanied with high-rise skylight […]

Majestic Bedroom Interior

Be captivated by this gorgeous bedroom inspiration in neo classical style, designed for a private villa in Dubai. There is sense of aristocracy and luxury as characterized in the feature wall molding with intricate pattern and classic design sconce complemented by the exquisite decorative gypsum ceiling dramatically emphasized through an antique paint finish border. The […]

Luxury Bathroom like no other

Interior Design Inspiration by http://www.ionsdesign.comThe bathroom inspiration is simple yet sophisticated, glamorous and timeless in style.  A radiant White Calacatta flooring complemented by Yellow Siena marble and Azul blue precious stones crafted in captivating classic design pattern graces the room and makes it impressively elegant and luxurious. The soft colour palette as prominent in the […]