Exploring Luxurious Homes : Entrance Hall and Lobby Design

Experience serenity and feel your power renewed through our design inspirations, welcome everyone let’s draw near and take a tour on our splendid havens.


Entrance Hall Interior Design Concept

Welcome every guest in these magnificent neo-classical entrance lobby designed for a private villa in Dubai.  The dazzling wrought-iron with glass panel in black and gold combination entrance door opens up to a luxurious lobby, greeted by a polished White Calacatta marble flooring with flamboyant geometrical flooring design of Black Marquina, Armani Grey and Azul Blue.  The gypsum decorated walls, together with the ceiling dome accentuated by a Swarovski crystal made chandelier creates an astounding and elegant ambience. The room is furnished with simple yet glamorous lounge chairs in blue color adding serenity to the theme while the black gilded with gold console completes the majestic interior.

Entrance Hall and Stairway Interior Design

Walk through these glamorous neo classical lobby and behold how the over-sized window allows the natural light to creatively highlight the sleek White Calacatta marble flooring with Armani Gray, Light Emparador, Crema Marfil and Azul Blue  crafted meticulously to form the geometrical illusion pattern. The gypsum decorated wall and the irregularly shape with embellished trim ceiling radiates royalty and luxurious feel of the interior. In the same way, the bespoke wrought-iron decorative staircase handrails in elegant black and gold complemented with a classical designed runner along with the curvilinear panoramic lift in brass frame contributes to an already astounding space. One cannot of course failed to notice those charming furniture in timeless design. The seats are upholstered in Sweet Thing Sparkle White fabric by Rubelli and augmented by extravagant consoles and tables. Design conceptualized for a private villa in Qatar.

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