Extravagant yet pleasingly simple and elegant Bedroom Design

Set the heart aglow with IONS DESIGN newest bedroom design ideas for a private palace in Doha, Qatar.  As grand as our welcome of the New Year 2017, the interior design show off an extravagant yet pleasingly simple and elegant space. An off-white to beige neo-classical architecture is harmoniously combined with wooden flooring in grey oak floral pattern bringing forth a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom design. Its interior decoration reflects the 18th century, timeless appeal as remarkably evident from the gypsum molding to the wall decorative details including the classic textile wall covering in slightly metallic gold fiore pattern down to the French style furniture such as the hand carved Romano Borghese king size bed in buttoned silk upholstery, glamorous banquette in royal gold finish paired with ivory lacquered night tables. Moreover, it is furnished with noteworthy accessories like the antique wall lamps and an all-Swarovski crystal chandelier that adds glory and brilliance to an already luxurious bedroom design.


Interior Design by IONS DESIGN
www.ionsdesign.com | info@ionsdesign.com | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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