Majlis Interior Design de haute élégance

for postA Majlis design ideas abounding in gentle and quiet spirit. Whether for an assembly or solitude, the sitting room design offers serene and warm-hearted ambient, a perfect abode for meditation and reflection during holy month of Ramadan.

The French Neo-Classical style room design features a three tall crescent arch French windows that serves as focal background from interior point of view and creates a fabulous backdrop to the elegantly curved sofa in sociopetal seating arrangement.  The contrast of the natural lighting and dimmable brilliance from the glamorous chandelier of precious crystal combined with glam of brass light wall sconce  envelopes the space with shadows and silhouettes providing an effortlessly dramatic effect to the home design.

Soft and pleasantly sweet character of the interior design can be attributed to the color scheme in analogous combination of light pistachio green as in the gracious silk draperies, Blanc crème velvet upholstery and tiffany Blue cushions with furnishings in accent of gold palette for subtle luxury touch complemented by a circular silk & viscose handmade area rug of round geometric knotted rings patterns.


Interior Design by IONS DESIGN | | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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