Simple & Sophisticated Architecture Design


IONS Design passion is to provide timeless elegance and value not only to our interior designs but even to exterior designs.  As high regard to this commitment we share with you a peek of our newest home design inspired from antebellum style – a characteristic of Neo-classical architecture design flourished in the Southern United States in the first half of the 19th century, and still the best-loved architecture style to date.

The design of the exterior can be perfectly described by the quote of a famous Italian artist, Leonardo Da Vinci “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. True to its sense, this two-storey mansion unveils a simple yet attractive façade design in Vitruvian principle of graceful proportions and balance symmetry. Its classy and refined appeal can be attributed to the brick structure covered in pristine white palette contrasted by a dark colored frames in the French windows that are equally distributed on each floor towards the central box like full-height entrance door. Notice that the luxurious home design emphasizes multiple outdoor views through panes of glass to allow ample natural lighting in the interior and same time grants “a one with nature experience” as it integrates the relaxing greeneries and fresh blooms in the framework.

This exterior design of enduring beauty is not only a reminiscent of European architecture but has its unique character as our master designer manages to blend the owner’s personal seal in the design details such as shown in the door ornaments.


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