Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas for 2019


Contemporary and aesthetically pleasing living room design  carefully plan in concept of  “the Golden Ratio” –  where IONS Design ensures that elements and home decor are balanced and in perfect symmetry  from every angle. The open plan home design not only boast a fanciful and serene home interior but a creative fusion of art and functionality. An innovative solution of a mirror TV was cohesively designed in the luxurious Mondrian – esque framed panel which serve as an entertainment and stylish backdrop that conceals and hides the display media when not in use. Mirrors and glass fittings as in the picture window elevates the sleek and trendy appeal of the home interior design. It allows rich natural light to penetrate within and let the relaxing garden view appears to be part of the interior decoration. In general the living room design has cozy and welcoming spirit owing to the monochromatic and neutral color scheme from the architecture to   the white calacatta marble with tone-on tone grey Armani patterned flooring, up to the modern style furniture, including the sofa and chair of elegant curves that contrast and soften the plains and geometrics in the scheme.

Looking for Design Ideas? Visit www.ionsdesign.com | info@ionsdesign.com | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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