Grey Themed Indoor Pool Design

luxury indoor pool

An aristocratic and luxuriating indoor pool design that could be a great feature into your home design.

It can offer an awesome and wonderful resting oasis, like a “world within a world” specially designed for therapeutic, recreation and entertainment purposes and considerably a jewel to the home interior décor not only for the beauty and richness in aesthetics but more importantly for the soul‐refreshing and ultimate comfort it brings on a unique and private mise en scène.

The long geometric straight forward pool with an elevated Jacuzzi at one end is tailored in the fundamentals of simplicity but nonetheless coherent to the timeless elegance of the home interior design.

The interior designer opted for a color scheme that ranges from calming neutral grey to sweet turquoise tone compounded with marble and mosaic dominance. Amidst the scene is a recessed concave ceiling paired with a stunning glass lighting installation suspended in varying height metaphor to a dancing crystal raindrops,  leveling  up the room design to an amazing and exceptional aura.

Interior Design Ideas from the creative spirit of IONS Design | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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