Trendy International Style Architecture

hig end exterior design

Showcasing a concept of exterior design in International style – an architecture design relatively inclined to modernism with an interesting twist of creative touch from IONS Design, to kindle an elegant, classy and timeless spirit.

Formed from the artistic exploration of glass, steel and concrete material combined in simplified form thus creating a clean, appealing aesthetic where form follows function. It bestows an “honest expression of structure” as elaborated by the transparency of the building.

The façade design of the almost rectangular structure composes of plain surfaces – free from ornamentation & decorative stucco, alternating glass curtain walls in modular proportion, and layer of pristine colored finish,   which all provides that modern sleek look of the exterior design and same time equipped the architecture with substantial ventilation and illumination to create patterns of different mood, making it one with the environment yet distinctive enough to standout.

The inside of this modest architecture further offers open spaces, with equally stunning interior design.

Architecture and Interior Design Ideas by IONS Design | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

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