Patrician Classique Bedroom Design

Luxury Bedroom Design - DubaiRevive the traditional charm and majestic aura as that of the royalties in Roman Empire centuries ago with IONS Design bedroom interior design that speaks of a glorious herald to the past yet undeniably a fashionable statement in today’s modern home design. With all the grandeur and classic architectural features of its French interior decoration, the room remains delicate and filled with spirit of serenity.

 Its nonchalant and sophisticated character are attributed to the use of subdued palette from the high cove ceiling of pale mint decorative paint finish to the Ivory tone European ornate walls down to  the Louis XVI furniture, with the sleigh bed in alluring curvilinear solid wood frame as the highlight. An oak parquet flooring of Grand Palais old style layered by an antique French Aubusson hand woven silk rug not only creates a wonderful color contrast and luxury touch to the space but same time intensifies the cozy and natural warm temperature of the home interior. Decorative accents such as 18th C vintage chandelier, wooden lamps and wall lights in deco white Canova finish wrapped up the quintessentially patrician room design, a tranquilizing haven to look forward to after a long and challenging day.


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Les Français Lobby Interior Design


Grand lobby design . Private residence . Dubai

Ever dream of having a 5-star hotel like entrance right at your sweet home door-step? Dream no more as IONS Design team brings to you a stylish French inspired lobby interior design ideas that definitely offers a glamorous welcome for any type of season.

The Neo classical architecture covered in Snow white paint along with the radiance of natural light from the wide window provides the home interior a winter cool, fresh and immaculate atmosphere.  Its  room design opens up to an eye catching Arabesque medallion floor pattern in timeless palette combination  of black and white with an accent of Armani Grey stone metamorphic to a flourishing flowers on spring time. Opposite the marvelous marble flooring is a stunning handmade twisted Murano glass lighting fixture falling gracefully from the ceiling as an autumn leaves that depicts the transitional character of the interior design.

Creative space segmentation is added in the interior decoration through a glass divider in champagne Gold metal frame and a luxurious fireplace embracing the space with the warmth of summer. It is further combined with dimmable lights and contemporary clean-lined furniture along with a pedestal ice- crystal table top with relaxing rose blooms completing the cozy and lovely entrance room design.

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Extravagant yet pleasingly simple and elegant Bedroom Design

Set the heart aglow with IONS DESIGN newest bedroom design ideas for a private palace in Doha, Qatar.  As grand as our welcome of the New Year 2017, the interior design show off an extravagant yet pleasingly simple and elegant space. An off-white to beige neo-classical architecture is harmoniously combined with wooden flooring in grey oak floral pattern bringing forth a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom design. Its interior decoration reflects the 18th century, timeless appeal as remarkably evident from the gypsum molding to the wall decorative details including the classic textile wall covering in slightly metallic gold fiore pattern down to the French style furniture such as the hand carved Romano Borghese king size bed in buttoned silk upholstery, glamorous banquette in royal gold finish paired with ivory lacquered night tables. Moreover, it is furnished with noteworthy accessories like the antique wall lamps and an all-Swarovski crystal chandelier that adds glory and brilliance to an already luxurious bedroom design.


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Stunning Staircase and Elevator Design Ideas


Next to the elegant sitting area rest a curve style staircase in stunning wrought iron hand railing and circular lift that adds up to the grandeur of the home interior. The interior designer integrates a glass round elevator  not only to make the room design trendy but to enhance home convenience and mobility while providing a panoramic view of the magnificent home design.  It allows the home owner and its guest to easily tour on the multi-level home in 360 degree view and experience the luxurious haven with a feel good ambiance attributed to the exquisite Neoclassic style architecture in clean and fresh Ivory White paint set off with multi paneled large windows that warms the home with natural light and heightened the opulent marble flooring of adorable geometric patterns. Staircase and elevator area design ideas for a private villa in Dubai, UAE.


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Sitting Room Design in Soothing Earth Colors


Showcasing a gentle and aristocratic sitting room design in soothing earth colors for a private residence in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Its home interior is covered in Light Cocoa Brown paint coordinated by a focal point wall in Taupe Gray color adorned with French decorative molding details that holds an oversized antique frame mirror and cozy fireplace in classic mantel giving the living room design a serene and soulful ambience. Moreover, the  admirable home design has  a high ceiling structure  paired with a wide and towering window that dressed in graceful Kublai Perla plain sheer which floods the room with ample natural light making it look spacious and welcoming. Luxurious contemporary interior decoration such as the elegant and curvy sofa of Blue-gray Cotton Velvet upholstery with metal aged brass base plus the side and center tables in vintage brass legs are symmetrically layout on a polished Beige Marble flooring with timeless black and white framing design layered by a neutral shade hand-knotted customized rugs. Overall, the home interior design is a nostalgia of royalty like setting in modern time.


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Distinctive Lounge Room Design


Presenting a distinctive and elegant lounge area design ideas with serene and calming atmosphere. The neoclassical style architecture in brilliant white paint complemented with admirable European columns and intricately designed gypsum moldings is pulled off together with elegant and contemporary furniture obtaining a timeless and classy home interior. A decorative mirror framed by a prominent arch structure accompanied with an abstract wall painting not only breaks the formality of the space but provides modern touch in the interior design and becomes a fantastic backdrop to the Italian sofa in Cashmere Velvet Cream fabric. It also provides an intriguing appeal as it reflects the other luxurious interior decoration in the room such as the Swarovski crystal chandelier and stunning wrought iron handrails. Furthermore, a cozy fireplace sustains the relaxing ambience of  the oasis whilst the occasional chairs in black satin framing and Waltz White upholstery paired by patterned cushions conveys an inviting and welcoming charm. A mid-size sitting room design for a private palace in Doha, Qatar.

Lounge Room Design in Refined Transitional Style

Sitting-Area-design--Private-palace---Abu-DhabiFascinating lounge room in refined transitional style interior design. The home interior is plot on a nostalgic French style architecture in subtle ivory white color ceiling of classic trims and moldings combined with warming light gray stucco decorated walls that seamlessly blend to the  luxurious Armani Grey Marble bordered flooring layered by a hand knotted fine contemporary rug . It’s simple yet classy oak wood lacquer finish door is in harmony with the high end contemporary style furniture that takes the spotlight of the living room design, which consists of an inviting and glamorous tufted back sofa in Beige Cotton Velvet upholstery, elegant tufted ottoman with metal base in renaissance gold finish and matching side and center tables in vintage brass legs and glossy veneer and glass table tops, under the playful and dazzling lite antique bronze lighting fixture. A home design that elegantly brings the traditional and modern atmosphere altogether for a private palace in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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Exquisite Moroccan Dining Room Design

arabic dining

Luxurious and exquisite Arabesque theme dining room design situated in Dubai, UAE private villa. Strong Mediterranean vibe defines its interior design and architecture through elaborated walls of Islamic ornament and arches, crown molding and window frame of Arabic geometrical pattern in light green shade complemented by a flooring of distinctive design. The adorable home interior is set off in warm and relaxing hues of soft Antique White that has a seamless blend to the elegant curvy sideboard in ivory lacquer finishing. Exotic charm of the room design gets intensified with the accent of Pistachio Green color in the solid draperies harmonize well with the upholstery of classic style dining chair in Bestegui Verde Damask fabric .The rich Moroccan design style is further in the home accessories and display such as the lovely traditional Moroccan brass chandelier and wall lights, Moorish inspired mirror and wall plates of Marrakesh design.


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Fresh and Dreamy Bedroom Design


Bedroom design ideas in fresh and calming white and soft hues concept for a private palace in Doha, Qatar. The interior design has a serene and dreamy setting similar to an enchanting woods in paradise with its featured wall in luxurious leaf pattern hand-woven wall covering framed by a decorative gypsum molding of intricate design perfectly match with a wall sconce of wooden twigs in renaissance gold finish and French white lamp shade. A high loop area rug is a metaphor of an inviting and comfortable grass in the field that holds a charming Italian bed with stylish headboard in silk upholstery and glamorous quilt cover. The bedroom interior decoration and the home interior is set off with elegant contemporary furniture in which some  are in accent color of Serenity Blue for a cool and trendy appeal and to balance the classic and stillness of white shade.


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Minimalist and Elegant Bathroom Design


Minimalist bathroom design with interesting modern appeal and splendor of classic charm for a private palace in Dubai. The functional and comfortable space is dressed in refined white and neutral hues as in the entire home design for a clean, simple yet sophisticated aura. Its luxurious interior design presents pattern, texture and lines that balances and harmonize the modern and timeless decorating ideas such as the herringbone pattern wood like marble flooring, timeless style ceiling and walls of intricate decorative gypsum molding and richly veined White Calacatta Marble backdrop wall. Whilst elegant curves is introduced through the focal point  Honed White color Abrazo free standing tub and oval basins complemented by the linear mixers in vibrant French Gold finish and angular wall hung vanity in Cool Gray shade paired by a large gold leaf frame mirror evoking the contemporary spirit of the room design.


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