Interior Designing Idea for Beautiful Living Room


Adorable living room interior defined in modern glamour and classic elegance. It echoes a harmonious aristocratic and cozy character attributed to the neoclassic architecture and contemporary interior decoration artistically combined for a luxurious private home interior design project in Saudi Arabia.

Neutral palette complemented with pops of light blue color and accents of brass are the theme in the interior decoration. For a centerpiece and additional enchanting statement, the interior designer opted for a bespoke stunning crystal chandelier installation.

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Entryway with Stylish Interiors


An impressive foyer expressed in a transitional style, where artistry of traditional and contemporary interior designing unites and blend harmoniously.

The plainness of the architecture were complemented with textures, patterns and volumes of proportionate scale to create a stylish interior with homely feel.  Interior designer top choice elements such as the stunning lighting installation and abstract artwork  gives a distinct statement and same time enliven the room  interiors.

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Exceptional Walk-in Closet Interiors

opulent dresssing room interior

Be stunned with this lovely walk in closet that could fit both a high end fashion retail interior design concept and dressing room of a luxurious villa design project.

In this concept, our creative interior designer utilized closets of finest craftsmanship and tailored cabinetry in semi translucent frosted glass so the clients‐ him and her, can conveniently choose among the well – organized clothes, bags, shoes and other fashion collection without even removing the items from the backlit furniture.

The interior designing idea is to make the room a dual function space – a dressing room and relaxing lounge that can accommodate a guest or two, thus upholstered benches match with stylish table were placed at the center. Further interior decoration such as classy dresser, full‐length exquisite mirror and chandelier masterpiece finalizes the opulent statement of the interiors.


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Luxuriating Bathroom Interiors


The master bathroom has restrained interior design concept yet it still appealing luxuriously. It looks simple and pristine with the white on white background while the lines and patterns from the sleek natural stone stands out and together with the accent mirrors, a sophisticated charm envelopes the room.
The interior designing concept in general provides a peaceful and soothing atmosphere, an aesthetically pleasing space where the mind and soul can relax, unwind and refresh.
Private Palace and Villa Design Ideas by IONS Design | Tel.: +971 4 4542675 | Dubai, UAE

Enchanting Family Dining Room Interiors

Dining Area

A   gorgeous family dining room filled with opulence and enchanting aura for one of the private villa design project in Qatar. The interior design concept has an eclectic yet sophisticated and intriguing visual appeal perfected through gray tone‐on‐tone approach. The interior designer proposes a bit of enigmatic color palette as well as dramatic lighting using graphite grey tones of wall paneling and ash wood parquet accentuated by the hammered‐textured polished Copper metal plating that floats and create great contrast within the neutral tones.

The three glowing cracked finished glass chandeliers orderly positioned becomes the highlight of the space inviting each Family member to the long dining table nook to lavish and enjoy family quality dining experience. A transitional interpretation of Louis XVI fauteuil dining chairs from Christopher Guy adds sweet charm to the timeless  statement of the home interior.

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Luxury Design for Kitchen Interiors

Kitchen 1-07-19

A pristine Grey – White kitchen interior design that surely will add a sophisticated statement to the home design. Simplicity and elegance saturates the space as the interior designer opted for neutral palette background complemented by a  tone on tone gray patterned flooring. It is then accentuated

with pale pistachio green color as seen in curtains and contemporary furniture to enhance vibrancy and further the tranquil atmosphere in the home interiors.

Focal point of  the interior decoration is a marble kitchen island with comfortable dining area for a quick breakfast, bar area to hangout after a long day or just a practical work space for the family to relish their food preparation, cooking and bonding moment. A modest and clean looking kitchen for a valuable villa design project in Dubai.

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Grand Architecture for Palace and Villa Design

VVIP Palace grand architecture

The curving improves mobility and attributes an appealing aesthetic for both the exterior and interior designing of this grand Palazzo style residence. Its perimeter unveils an admirable sight of a Palladian themed stone bridge and meadows that proliferates a fresh and welcoming atmosphere.
An inviting scheme for your villa design inspired from the iconic heritage of the past and definitely an enduring beauty today and the days to come.
Being among the top design companies in Dubai, it will be our privilege to support you in refining your spaces – may it be residential interior design, commercial interior design, retail interior design or an architecture design need. Together we will transform your exterior and interior places into an efficient, upscale quality oasis with optimum level of comfort and beauty that goes beyond description.
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Luxury Home Exterior Design Ideas

for post 2June

A luxurious home architecture design that best illustrate a Frank Gehry quotes “Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness”.

The exterior design is greatly in the ideals of American federal – style architecture with its four Corinthian columns, triangular pediment, and bald eagle architectural motif – which altogether bestows a noble and aristocratic character into the edifice.

As similar approach to a Neo Classical architecture style, the home design in grandeur scale were layout in graceful proportion and symmetry.  It advocates the Vitruvian virtues of stability, utility and beauty – a principle of   good architecture and key element in making a history of signature elegance, exceptional quality and finest luxury home design,  both interior and exterior.

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Master Bedroom Design Ideas

master bedroom

A royal themed bedroom interior design that perfectly suits to the home interior of a prominent private palace.

Our artistic interior designer opted for a warm color scheme and match it with interior decoration of noble feature such as the glamorous bed crown and opulent chandelier lighting.  While the aristocratic architecture combined with warm and natural lighting sets the bedroom interior into a cozy and restful space.

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Trendy International Style Architecture

hig end exterior design

Showcasing a concept of exterior design in International style – an architecture design relatively inclined to modernism with an interesting twist of creative touch from IONS Design, to kindle an elegant, classy and timeless spirit.

Formed from the artistic exploration of glass, steel and concrete material combined in simplified form thus creating a clean, appealing aesthetic where form follows function. It bestows an “honest expression of structure” as elaborated by the transparency of the building.

The façade design of the almost rectangular structure composes of plain surfaces – free from ornamentation & decorative stucco, alternating glass curtain walls in modular proportion, and layer of pristine colored finish,   which all provides that modern sleek look of the exterior design and same time equipped the architecture with substantial ventilation and illumination to create patterns of different mood, making it one with the environment yet distinctive enough to standout.

The inside of this modest architecture further offers open spaces, with equally stunning interior design.

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