A Home to Love – Interior Design Inspirations

Staircase with panoramic elevatro design - qatarWith great diversity of interior design style and endless possibilities to dress the home interior, what matters most in the end is how effectively function and beauty can be combined together to deliver a home abode that provides superior comfort to its residents. True that home design depends on client preferences and perspective, having these on high notes and with IONS Design’s passion to bring you not just a home design but a sanctuary of artistic elegance, timeless beauty and serenity with the comfort of modern technology, IONS Design humbly invites you to our featured oasis where we inspire you to feel that indeed, “a home is where the heart is”.

Full width, floor to ceiling windows enables relaxing natural light to embraced the pristine, off- white French style architecture. Together with the subtle color, textures and commensurate scale, the room design evokes calming and solemn atmosphere where both body, mind and soul can find rest amidst the mundane of daily life. An intricate wrought iron staircase railings gracefully surrounds the full glass circular lift and crowns the space with distinctive luxurious touch along with the polished natural stone flooring.  Ample space clearance provides ease in movement while the trendy elevator grants an effortless access to different floor levels and at the same time allows a unique, enjoyable panoramic tour of the gorgeous house interior and exterior design.

Interior Design by IONS DESIGN
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Magnificent Palace Exterior Design


IONS Design is delighted to present a magnificent palace exterior design in character of 17th century Renaissance architecture – extravagant, noble & full of classic elegance refined by today’s technological advancement. The stunning mansion structure in bilateral symmetry and absolute proportion were covered mainly in off-white natural stone and adorned with GRC cladding of Greek and Roman motif evoking a gentle yet aristocratic impression.

As that of the ancient European architecture, the façade has uniform pilasters, pediments and equally distributed large French style windows to flood the rooms with natural vibrancy hence achieving a cozy and homely interior design in later phase. Artistic lightings inside and out augments the timeless beauty of this luxurious home design and with final touches of exquisite formal garden of trees, shrubs and colorful flower beds it becomes a concept of utopia and ideal haven.

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Dining Room Design in Parisian Style

Luxury dining Room - Dubai villa

Let the family gather into a lavish banquet with an everyday holiday like ambiance through this versatile and avant-garde style dining room interior design. It is enclosed by a picture window in rose gold beveled metal frame that offers a one-of-a-kind dining treat as it takes advantage of the panoramic view of the double-height foyer and further accompanied by a symmetrical sliding pocket glass door with a fascinating monogram handle as a decorative charm and owner’s initial and stamp to the home design similar to royal cypher practice of the 14thcentury. The interior décor features glass installation that wonderfully reflects the beauty of external realm including the alcoves, walls of whimsical backlit onyx, refreshing flower bouquets and playful cluster lighting fixtures that not only stimulates the eyes but together with the exterior mood creates a dramatic and multifaceted character into home interior.

Completing the Parisian dining room design are Meridiani contemporary furniture  set on an aqua brown hand knotted area rug bounded by a decorative border of light blue and black marquina natural stone. Accent of blue gray color among the furnishing exudes coziness while a Baccarat crystal chandelier provides the dazzling and opulent glow.

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Bedroom Design Ideas for Young Girls


May it be a little girl or a young lady, the theme of Disney films never outgrew a child’s heart. With this in mind, IONS Design team develops a mademoiselle bedroom design that has its signature timeless elegance with a twist of playful and adventurous character.

Creativity and whimsical vibe empowers the room as a unique bed of hot air balloon theme were integrated in the interior decoration. It is further combined with French classic style furniture in subtle grey accentuated with furnishings  in shots of a bit vibrant palette as in pastel pink and rose quartz  to brighten up the room, match the young ones’ high energy and still maintain the sweet and gentle appeal of room design concept.

The room interior architecture in timeless Neo-classical interior design style harmonious to the entire home design has a great deal of versatility as it ensures that it has enough functional spaces for sleeping, studying and playing. Notice that our expert interior designer opted for ceilings and walls of simple classic ornament covered in off- white shade to equipped design flexibility so that in later years when the young lass grow up, the bed can be replace with a flora and folio theme and instantly the room will transform into a glamorous princess like bedroom without having much room or home renovation.


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Dining Room Interior Design ala Grisaille Technique


Let the family gather into a lavish banquet such as this formal dining room in finest  Neo-Classical interior design style. It takes full advantage of the architecture by having the three lofty crescent arch French windows as fabulous background and same time a clever means to embrace the entire space with warmth of natural light.

 The entire villa interior design speaks of calm and charming character ascribed to the choice of subtle color scheme in combination of Pastel Green and French Gray as such of the grisaille painting technique.  It’s timeless and luxurious architecture were paired with transitional to modern classic interior decorations arranged in symmetrical layout empowering harmony and balance in the home design.

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Sleek and Pristine Grey – White Kitchen Design Ideas


An exceptionally sleek and pristine Grey – White kitchen design ideas that surely will add a sophisticated statement to the home design. Simplicity and elegance  saturates the space as its  interior design concept opted for neutral palette background  complemented by a soft tone on tone gray patterned flooring. It is then accentuated with pale pistachio green color as seen  in drapes and  contemporary furniture to enhance vibrancy and further the tranquil and cozy atmosphere  in the home interiors.

Focal point of these timeless room design is a marble kitchen island with comfortable dining area for a quick breakfast, bar area to hangout after a long day or just a practical work space for the family to relish their food preparation, cooking and bonding moment. It is flanked by panels of French doors with rose gold metal trimming in one side to cleverly hide the appliances when not in use whilst keeping that streamlined and neat kitchen design and an Italian Calacatta marble waterfall counter top on the other side that contributes stylish and luxurious attribute to the interior decoration.

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Bathroom Design Ideas – Beauty in Simplicity


An ensuite bathroom design that profoundly speaks of beauty in simplicity and minimalism. The interior design has an off white tone-on-tone color scheme from the ceiling to walls, flooring and even the counter top in white honed calacatta marble to make the room look spacious, airy and fresh. Balance and creative layout were applied to the laconic shape room where a freestanding tub of natural stone is the focal point which not only emphasizes volume but at the same time adds up to the flamboyant and regal aura of the room design. Tiny Black marquina marble which are perfect contrast to clean white palette  was added to stimulate  visual interest. The interior decoration is  further accentuated with fittings of rose gold finish, sleek glass installations and glamorous lighting suspension  resulting to a comfy elegant space that is harmonious to the neoclassic home design.

Interior Design by IONS DESIGN
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Glass House Inspired Ladies Majlis Room Design

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A ladies majlis room design in unique English garden glass-house inspiration radiating a whimsical and tranquilizing mood from the inside and out of the home design. The glass house concept infused in the interior design ideas was achieved by surrounding the structure with false openings in the form of floor to ceiling high French windows of mirror and pristine white metal frame facing a linear and proportionate walls of backlit Onyx stone which creates such illusion that voluminous light from outside floods the home interior thereby filling the space with intense brilliance and fresh atmosphere.

Moreover, the sitting room design exudes modest, quiet and elegant detailing from curvilinear ceiling, to small garlands swags appliqués to refined toothed dentil ornaments on cornices. A sense of luxury and glam are added through upscale contemporary loose furniture pieces in breezy rose gold accent complemented by dazzling Boule de Cristal round cluster chandelier and shimmering glass crystal suspension. Marshmallow pink tones as in the rich velvet upholstery establishes the interior decoration with softness, warmth and feminine character converting the space into an abode befitting a lady.


Interior Design by IONS DESIGN
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High-spirited and Cozy Living Room Design


Harmony and elegance still prevail even when the contrasting principles of Symmetry and Asymmetry were considered into the interior design ideas.

This sitting room design features symmetrical wall and ceiling of subtle color with details of refined small intaglios that adds sophistication to the neutral background in totality. Its interior decoration proposes an interesting variation and more dynamic visual home design as reflected through the asymmetrical balance in the furniture layout against the formal and well-ordered interior architecture resulting in a casual yet relaxing and homey ambiance.

A luxurious light greyish blue round hand knotted rug set amidst the warmness of wood parquet flooring harmoniously framed the cluster of contemporary classic designed furniture.  “Foucault’s Orb” crystal chandeliers from Restoration hardware, positioned at the center of each chattels group in varying height grants a slightly fanciful impact and unifying effect to the home interior.



Interior Design by IONS DESIGN
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