Glass House Inspired Ladies Majlis Room Design

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A ladies majlis room design in unique English garden glass-house inspiration radiating a whimsical and tranquilizing mood from the inside and out of the home design. The glass house concept infused in the interior design ideas was achieved by surrounding the structure with false openings in the form of floor to ceiling high French windows of mirror and pristine white metal frame facing a linear and proportionate walls of backlit Onyx stone which creates such illusion that voluminous light from outside floods the home interior thereby filling the space with intense brilliance and fresh atmosphere.

Moreover, the sitting room design exudes modest, quiet and elegant detailing from curvilinear ceiling, to small garlands swags appliqués to refined toothed dentil ornaments on cornices. A sense of luxury and glam are added through upscale contemporary loose furniture pieces in breezy rose gold accent complemented by dazzling Boule de Cristal round cluster chandelier and shimmering glass crystal suspension. Marshmallow pink tones as in the rich velvet upholstery establishes the interior decoration with softness, warmth and feminine character converting the space into an abode befitting a lady.


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A Home to Love – Interior Design Inspirations

Staircase with panoramic elevatro design - qatarWith great diversity of interior design style and endless possibilities to dress the home interior, what matters most in the end is how effectively function and beauty can be combined together to deliver a home abode that provides superior comfort to its residents. True that home design depends on client preferences and perspective, having these on high notes and with IONS Design’s passion to bring you not just a home design but a sanctuary of artistic elegance, timeless beauty and serenity with the comfort of modern technology, IONS Design humbly invites you to our featured oasis where we inspire you to feel that indeed, “a home is where the heart is”.

Full width, floor to ceiling windows enables relaxing natural light to embraced the pristine, off- white French style architecture. Together with the subtle color, textures and commensurate scale, the room design evokes calming and solemn atmosphere where both body, mind and soul can find rest amidst the mundane of daily life. An intricate wrought iron staircase railings gracefully surrounds the full glass circular lift and crowns the space with distinctive luxurious touch along with the polished natural stone flooring.  Ample space clearance provides ease in movement while the trendy elevator grants an effortless access to different floor levels and at the same time allows a unique, enjoyable panoramic tour of the gorgeous house interior and exterior design.

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Bedroom Design in Dramatic Contrast

bedroom design - dubai villa interior design

Traditional but fashionable…minimal yet wonderfully adorned, an interior design ideas where opposing world meet and reconcile transforming the space into an elegant, serene and peculiar master bedroom design.

Timeless and classic appeal as apparent in the home design was introduced by elaborating the symmetrical structure with intricate European moldings typical to the Neo classical style architecture and further complementing it with an 18th century chandelier to reinforce that antique and vintage look. On the other hand, simple furnishings and modern furniture with clear straight lines were opted to create an interesting and dramatic contrast in the room design. The sleeping oasis in general offers restful and cozy atmosphere ascribed to the soothing pastel color scheme and well balance interior decorations, with the tall mint green tufted headboard being the apple of the eye.

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Stylish and Lasting Entrance Design Ideas

villa lobby - oman

Leave a stylish and lasting impression as you open up your dream house to a fascinating entrance and hallway. IONS design ideas features a foyer design where the homeowner and guests are welcome by the graceful beauty of a wrought iron entrance door with elaborate vines and folio pattern complementing the classic home design.

An equally stunning inlay natural stone flooring paves the way to the home interiors where the timeless 19th-century Regency style architecture offers a divine and inviting haven attributed to the subtle palette used in the interior decorations such as the vaulted ceiling in White Vanilla paint and walls in Ivory shade harmonized with traditional ribbon and bow moldings in Westminster gold accent. To elevate the charm and warmth of the foyer room, blossoms and flower motif were added in the interior design scheme through the masterfully carved furniture frames, from the symmetrical seating, to the sleek Louis XV French console till  the circa 1800 Tuscan sconce.  Finally, a stunning chandelier and artistic artificial lighting consummate the patrician and elegant room design that would certainly sweep off your feet


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À la maison Majlis Design

A la maison Majlis Design

Looking for a living room designs that has a promise of homely, high-class fortress? You are then cordially invited to come to IONS Design and we would gladly lead you to a stunning and divine Majlis design wrapped up in benevolent interior design scheme and timeless beauty, specially crafted and waiting to be discover by discerning clientele.

Together, let us explore a luxurious Neo-classical architecture featuring a buildup wall with trimmings around the opening that serve as palmet frame, curtain storage and decorative backdrop to purposely emphasize the tall French windows equipping the home interiors with well-lit space and palatial appeal. To further the voluminous character of the home design, high quality contemporary furniture pieces were arranged in circular plan following the round shape of a hand knotted gray on gray silk rug of chain patterns. Harmony and balance were interpreted as the angles and rigidity of the structure in refined Monterey white paint gets soften by the curvaceous sofa in elegant and smooth cashmere velvet – cream upholstery paired with delicate blue gray furnishings. Accent of rose gold were added in the interior decorations to exude the opulent charm and provide a glamorous brilliance along with the masterpiece Swarovski chandelier from the English Regency.


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Cosy Reading Room Design

Break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday world and transport into the comforting and relaxing realm of books   through IONS Design home library room design.  As the traditional home library, the books were arranged in vertical manner and kept organized in a custom and refined cabinetry of wood and glass with classic, lovely panel details. Natural and soft artificial lights provides the pleasant and ideal reading ambiance within the timeless architecture in combination of elegant pale brown and enchanting old rose color.

Cozy Reading corner design - Dubai villaCaptivating and center of affection in the home library décor is  a ceiling painting that harmoniously envelopes the curvilinear space  with dreamy and romantic atmosphere with its garlands and flower patterns inspired from the Renaissance period’s  magnificent  ceiling specifically the works of masters like Raphael and Michaelangelo. The cosy reading nook interior design is perfected through a seamless wood flooring with circular framing that holds together the high end French style furniture with matching top of the line furnishings including a luxurious Swarovski crystal chandelier.

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Art de Vivre – Interior Design in Concept of Time


IONS Design haute craftsmanship captures the beauty and glamour of the traditional European structure and innovatively reinvent it for today’s exceptional modern home as illustrated in this exquisite lounge room design.  Generally, the interior design has monotone to mild color scheme and lofty window that evokes a fresh and inviting ambient in the home interiors. Full-sized pilasters designed in one of the famous Ionic styles and decorative moldings adorn the walls and ceilings – an eminent manifestation of the neo-classical architecture of Rome.

The space echoes ultimate sophistication and innate formality yet remain cozy and casual with the simple furniture as the Italian chesterfield sofa combined with tables in legs of transparent Murano glass arranged in symmetrical order having the classical fireplace and gilded large antique mirror at the focal point. Cluster of handmade Bohemian swirl crystal sculpture suspends from the high ceiling as luxurious contemporary ornaments in the interior decoration and contributes to the magnificence and palatial appeal of the home design.  An art de vivre interior design concept unfolding the legacy of past, beatitudes of present and thriving future.

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Majlis Interior Design de haute élégance

for postA Majlis design ideas abounding in gentle and quiet spirit. Whether for an assembly or solitude, the sitting room design offers serene and warm-hearted ambient, a perfect abode for meditation and reflection during holy month of Ramadan.

The French Neo-Classical style room design features a three tall crescent arch French windows that serves as focal background from interior point of view and creates a fabulous backdrop to the elegantly curved sofa in sociopetal seating arrangement.  The contrast of the natural lighting and dimmable brilliance from the glamorous chandelier of precious crystal combined with glam of brass light wall sconce  envelopes the space with shadows and silhouettes providing an effortlessly dramatic effect to the home design.

Soft and pleasantly sweet character of the interior design can be attributed to the color scheme in analogous combination of light pistachio green as in the gracious silk draperies, Blanc crème velvet upholstery and tiffany Blue cushions with furnishings in accent of gold palette for subtle luxury touch complemented by a circular silk & viscose handmade area rug of round geometric knotted rings patterns.


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Patrician Classique Bedroom Design

Luxury Bedroom Design - DubaiRevive the traditional charm and majestic aura as that of the royalties in Roman Empire centuries ago with IONS Design bedroom interior design that speaks of a glorious herald to the past yet undeniably a fashionable statement in today’s modern home design. With all the grandeur and classic architectural features of its French interior decoration, the room remains delicate and filled with spirit of serenity.

 Its nonchalant and sophisticated character are attributed to the use of subdued palette from the high cove ceiling of pale mint decorative paint finish to the Ivory tone European ornate walls down to  the Louis XVI furniture, with the sleigh bed in alluring curvilinear solid wood frame as the highlight. An oak parquet flooring of Grand Palais old style layered by an antique French Aubusson hand woven silk rug not only creates a wonderful color contrast and luxury touch to the space but same time intensifies the cozy and natural warm temperature of the home interior. Decorative accents such as 18th C vintage chandelier, wooden lamps and wall lights in deco white Canova finish wrapped up the quintessentially patrician room design, a tranquilizing haven to look forward to after a long and challenging day.


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