Room Interior Designing in New Classic Style


Reviving the charm and splendor of Greek and Roman architecture with this sitting room for a private palace and residential interior design project in Qatar.

The interior designer opted for a pastel and subtle color scheme as seen in the walls, floors, furniture and soft furnishings to fill the room with warm and solemn character while the contrasting brass on the other hand enhances the grandeur feel of the interiors.

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Pastel Themed Bedroom Interior Designing

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A glimpse of the bedroom interior defined in simplicity and compelling elegance for one of our prestigious private villa design project located in Saudi Arabia. Our master interior designer opted for a pastel color theme in soft and gentle contrast to create a soothing and peaceful atmosphere. The interior decoration were kept to minimal and harmoniously organized beneath the stunning crystal chandelier.


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Home Interior Design in Parisian Style


Glam up your home design with this living room interior design in Parisian style. The interior echoes sophistication and divine appeal with its soft and subtle color scheme. Our interior designer who has an eye for promising combination successfully achieved an effortless elegance with the mixture of vintage pieces and stunning modern interior decoration.

The seating of elegant shapes and curves were distributed in socio-petal layout for efficient interaction and same time adds dramatic flow in the room interior designing.



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Luxurious Home Design Collection : Royal Palace in Neoclassic Architecture Style


Adding to the collection of our signature classic elegance and timeless beauty is this Grand Royal Palace in Neoclassical architecture style.

The exterior home design can be regarded as contemporary French building and totally a classic antiquity with its character that emphasizes order, balance and harmony as clearly defined by the orchestrated windows on each floor level towards the stunning main central door. It echoes ancient Greek and Roman structures with its grandeur scale and dramatic use of columns, pillars and dormers – all arranged in symmetrical order complemented with ornamentation of minimum details.

Multiple outdoor views through panes of glass were considered to allow ample natural lighting in the interiors thus ensuring a cozy, vibrant and welcoming home interior design.


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Dining Room Interior Design ala Grisaille Technique

dining 26-08-19dining 2 26-08-19


Let the family gather into a lavish banquet such as this formal dining room in finest  Neo-Classical interior design style. It takes full advantage of the architecture by having the three lofty crescent arch French windows as fabulous background and same time a clever means to embrace the entire space with warmth of natural light.

 The entire villa interior design speaks of calm and charming character ascribed to the choice of subtle color scheme in combination of Pastel Green and French Gray as such of the grisaille painting technique.  It’s timeless and luxurious architecture were paired with transitional to modern classic interior decorations arranged in symmetrical layout empowering harmony and balance in the home design.

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Gorgeous & Classy Office Room Design


With much delight, IONS Design gladly brings to you this elegant and classy office room design.

Its interior design concept offers a distinguished character as it eradicates the stereotype office design we usually perceived. The room interior offers a relaxing mood ascribed to the immaculate, neo classic style architecture in Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2019 Cloud White Palette. Aside from being serene, it gives an elite and upper class experience as the accents of rich blue color and timeless black and white combination intensifies the royalty and formal but not boring vibe of the space.

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A Home to Love – Interior Design Inspirations

Staircase with panoramic elevatro design - qatarWith great diversity of interior design style and endless possibilities to dress the home interior, what matters most in the end is how effectively function and beauty can be combined together to deliver a home abode that provides superior comfort to its residents. True that home design depends on client preferences and perspective, having these on high notes and with IONS Design’s passion to bring you not just a home design but a sanctuary of artistic elegance, timeless beauty and serenity with the comfort of modern technology, IONS Design humbly invites you to our featured oasis where we inspire you to feel that indeed, “a home is where the heart is”.

Full width, floor to ceiling windows enables relaxing natural light to embraced the pristine, off- white French style architecture. Together with the subtle color, textures and commensurate scale, the room design evokes calming and solemn atmosphere where both body, mind and soul can find rest amidst the mundane of daily life. An intricate wrought iron staircase railings gracefully surrounds the full glass circular lift and crowns the space with distinctive luxurious touch along with the polished natural stone flooring.  Ample space clearance provides ease in movement while the trendy elevator grants an effortless access to different floor levels and at the same time allows a unique, enjoyable panoramic tour of the gorgeous house interior and exterior design.

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Villa Design – Entrance Lobby and Foyer Interior Design Ideas


A home when opens up to a double‐height entrance instantly gives an impression of spacious, fresh and breezy feel. However the height of the foyer or any other room becomes insignificant if the interior designing aspect is not addressed properly. In such case, our creative team of interior designer and architects are always engaged to   enhance your home design.

In this photo, the foyer room was treated to a modern classic interior design style, expressing sophisticated and luxurious character in refined and subtle manner. For this particular villa design project, the aim is not only exceptional aesthetics but a refreshing, cozy and nature inclined interior thus explains the water feature at the entrance hall and interior decoration of exquisite plants and sweet scented flowers at the atrium.



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Bedroom Interior Design in Light Coral Theme

op1- 10-6-14

A bedroom interior characterized with sweetness and elegance befitting both the young princess and grown up lady of the house. The room interior are segmented into functional spaces for sleeping, studying and lounging area all sharing a harmonious interior designing concept. To enhance the coziness of the room and imbibe the warmness of nature, the interior designer opted to use wooden parquet layered by a two-toned hand tufted rugs.

A traditional sleigh bed with crown canopy combined with French classic furniture and antique chandelier completes the royalty look of the space. Italianate bedroom for a luxurious villa design project in Saudi Arabia.


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Luxurious Home Design Collection : Majestic Mansion in French Architecture Style

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Featuring the latest addition to IONS Design luxurious home design and interior designing portfolio, is a single level mansion of Italianate Neo Renaissance architecture style.

The house exterior design is defined with signature classic elegance and nobility, perfected through symmetrical and balance proportion.  Its facade were covered mainly in off-white natural stone and adorned with GRC cladding of classically inspired details that evokes a gentle yet aristocratic impression. As that of the timeless Roman architecture, the external elevation has uniform columns, dormers and round arch French style windows equally distributed towards the central main door. Our skillful interior designer ensures that the lovely aesthetics and royalty appeal are echoed in the interiors.

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Interior Designing Idea for Beautiful Living Room


Adorable living room interior defined in modern glamour and classic elegance. It echoes a harmonious aristocratic and cozy character attributed to the neoclassic architecture and contemporary interior decoration artistically combined for a luxurious private home interior design project in Saudi Arabia.

Neutral palette complemented with pops of light blue color and accents of brass are the theme in the interior decoration. For a centerpiece and additional enchanting statement, the interior designer opted for a bespoke stunning crystal chandelier installation.

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Entryway with Stylish Interiors


An impressive foyer expressed in a transitional style, where artistry of traditional and contemporary interior designing unites and blend harmoniously.

The plainness of the architecture were complemented with textures, patterns and volumes of proportionate scale to create a stylish interior with homely feel.  Interior designer top choice elements such as the stunning lighting installation and abstract artwork  gives a distinct statement and same time enliven the room  interiors.

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